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22 Feb, 2013
Commodore Ranking - Princess Cruises!


My Commodore Ranking with Princess Cruises Academy:

Local Travel Agent Becomes Cruise Expert by Earning Prestigious Top Rank in
Princess Cruises Academy

McMahon’s Point, 28th January 2012 – A McMahon’s Point travel agent has achieved the prestigious Commodore status in Princess Cruises’ Academy training program, certifying her as an expert cruise professional. As a Commodore, Ana Marcelo of MTA – Mobile Travel Agents joins an exclusive group of travel agents who are now recognized by Princess at the Academy's highest level for their unique qualifications and knowledge as a cruise planning professional. Ana earned this distinction after completing the minimum 25 courses necessary to graduate from the program. 

“We at Princess are very proud of Ana's dedication, as she put in extra effort to offer clients exceptional knowledge regarding our cruise vacation product as well as our worldwide destinations,” said Jan Swartz, Senior Vice President of Customer Service and Sales at Princess. “Travel agents who reach this top level in our Academy program have completed hours of course work to become a cruising expert, which will prove invaluable to providing clients with a great vacation.”

Princess Academy is the cruise industry’s most comprehensive online training program available to travel agents in the U.S. and Canada. Agents who complete the extensive coursework become experts on a wide range of topics, offering travelers full knowledge of important details about a Princess vacation such as the different passenger amenities on the line’s 17 ships, the company’s worldwide destinations and the many special programs available onboard.

“In achieving Princess Commodore, I have expanded my expertise about cruising. The knowledge I've gained makes me a more valuable resource for my clients, and enables me to recommend the very best cruise holiday which matches all of their needs,” said Ana.

To become a Commodore, travel agents must fulfill 25 required and elective classes, representing approximately 15 hours of total course work covering worldwide destinations, onboard programs, and customer service skills. As they complete courses, agents receive their “stripes” through four levels: First Officer, Staff Captain, Captain and finally Commodore. Agents can continue to take elective courses to expand their knowledge and keep their Commodore status current.

# # #

MTA is a member of Travelscene American Express and also Virtuoso, an exclusive invitation only travel company. By selecting Ana to assist with your travel needs, not only do you have the benefits of booking with an experienced travel agent, Ana also has the knowledge base of a great team of support staff and access to 24/7 emergency services should any unforeseen problems arise. 

So, if you’re looking for expert advice and a great travel deal – look no further. Ana looks forward to talking with you soon and being able to provide you with a whole new level of personal, convenient and professional travel service and products.

For further information contact:

Ana Marcelo 

MTA – Mobile Travel Agent

0422 134 949


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