Zero Flight Risk™

Zero Flight Risk™ is a financial guarantee when you book your travel through an MTA - Mobile Travel Agent. We guarantee that your client funds will be refunded in full if an approved MTA travel supplier or intermediary becomes insolvent and is unable to deliver your booked product or service.

Approved suppliers covered include:
 • Airlines
 • Tour Operators
 • Coach companies
 • Rail companies
 • Cruise lines
 • Hotels, resorts and villas
 • Car hire companies
 • Destination Management companies

Zero Flight Risk™ is just one of the many benefits of booking through an MTA - Mobile Travel Agent and best of all it comes at no extra cost to you.  Zero Flight Risk™ doesn’t replace travel insurance - a comprehensive travel insurance policy remains highly recommended for all travellers. While travel insurance will cover you for lost luggage, missed connections or overseas medical assistance many policies will not cover supplier insolvency protection and if they do the cover may be for limited suppliers and always at additional cost.  

Travel with protection and peace of mind - book your travel with an MTA - Mobile Travel Agent and be covered by Zero Flight Risk™ - at no additional cost to you. 

With you all the way.

By Cath Gyles

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