General Travel Tips

  • If you are travelling overseas you must have a valid Australian passport with a minimum of six months validity from the date of return from your destination. When you are travelling domestically you should always carry your photo identification (driver’s licence).
  • Make sure the names on the tickets match exactly with the passport or the drivers licence otherwise you can be charged by the airline. This is your responsibility to check if the documents are correct.
  • When travelling with an Australian passport to certain countries you will need a Visa, which I can process for you at the appropriate fees and charges.
  • Travel Insurance is very important when you are travelling, as overseas medical expenses can be extremely high. If you have any pre-existing conditions please advice us as some medical conditions are covered by the travel insurance.
  • Applications can be made to the insurance company for cover depending on the condition.
  • Make sure you register with the Australian Government Trip Advisor for Travellers overseas 

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