Does using a Travel Agent cost more?

I am loving everything about joining MTA and running my own business, and I cannot thank the local community for all their support.  The number 1 question I get asked when I am explaining my business is "How do you get paid?" I pride myself on being totally honest with my clients and I would love for you all to undertstand, so here is the answer.

There is a very common misconception within the public that it costs you more to book with a travel agent.  9 times out of 10, it is either exactly the same, or even cheaper to use your travel Agent.  Let me explain why: I get paid commission by most suppliers that I use.  The companies build this commission in to the price that you see, for example, if you pick up a tour brochure and fid a tour in there for $2500, it is exactly the same price whether you book with the tour company, or whether you book it with me.  However the difference is, the commission that the tour company have built in to that price, will either to paid to me if you choose to work with me, or pocketed by the tour company if you choose to book direct.  Occassionally, I may need to book with a supplier that doesn't offer us any (or very little) commission, and in that case I would need to charge a minimal service fee to cover my time, service, resources and expertise, however, this would always be discussed to give you the option to decide what you wish to do.

Now that I have access to all of the wonderful services and buying power that MTA provided me, I can offer you wholesale, private and corporate airfares that aren't available to the public (which I can hold while you think about it).  I can offer you wholesale  accommodation prices that are oftern cheaper than expedia, and often with special inclusions or complimentary upgrades.

My business if 100% commission based.  This means that if you don't make a booking I don't get paid.  However I know what it feels like to feel that you are being pushed into a sale, and I hate it!  The thought of pressuring my clients into booking something when they're not ready or that doesn't suit them doesn't sit well with me.  I encourage you to do your own research if you choose to and share it with me so we can work together to find a holiday that is perfect for you.

Hopefully this helps explain how my business works.  So no, you are not "lazy" or "old fashioned" for using a travel agent, you're simply supporting me to continue to do what I love, while enhancing your holiday experience at the same time.  So next time you are thinking about a holiday, whether domestically or internationally, with a big budget or small one, please give me a go and support a local business, you might be surprised at what I'm able to offer you. 

Sue Brooking with the kind support of Amber Halleday.

By Sue Brooking

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