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Steven McIntosh

Kylie’s efforts to ensure my wife Lynne and I were completely looked after during the planning of our long awaited dream holiday to Europe was truly wonderful. I am a very independent person who also likes to save a dollar here and there so handing over the organisation of our month long trip was not something I was not keen on. Being such a huge trip which included multiple countries, a 12 day cruise, many and varied flights, transfers, accomodation, transport etc, I really wanted to make sure everything was in place. I could not have been happier with the way Kylie ensured every detail was exactly what we wanted ... she even got us a discount here and there which I could not have done myself. The excitement and anticipation level was huge ... then COVID-19 was thrown at us. Not only were we devastated to be told we couldn’t leave Australia, we were extremely worried about the money we had spent and whether we would get any of it back. There was absolutely no need to worry, Kylie went to great lengths to assure us she would do everything she could to help us with EVERYTHING! She kept in constant contact with us throughout the entire messy process and we have just received the final refund from a long list. Unbelievable ... we could not be more satisfied!!, If you want someone to take the hassles and worry of an entire trip from your shoulders and know you are going to be treated like royalty along the way, DO NOT HESITATE to get in contact with Kylie Stefanile. You will be extremely happy you did ... the only problem will be ... waiting patiently for the day you leave!!! Many thanks again Kylie ... you rock!

24 September 2020 at 01:07 pm

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