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Michelle's clients sharing their experiences
Clare Anderson

Michelle is amazing! We told her what kinds of things we wanted to do on our dream honeymoon, and she managed to string all of our crazy ideas into a feasible itinerary. We simply did not have time to research or organise anything ourselves. Michelle listened to what we wanted, came up with a great array of quality options for us to choose from, and arranged everything we needed. She is responsive and lovely. We loved every destination she found for us and we are always recommending her to our friends. Thank you Michelle!

03 August 2020 at 02:27 pm
Frances Carr

Just booked our first trip for 2020! Thank you! The best prices. The best locations. Everything required locked in. The best customer service! I have seen and heard too many travel stories of people on their holidays, international and domestic, getting stuck, ripped off, need to get home and everything in between. Or even just missing out on some of the best things to see and do because they weren’t told about it in their personalised itinerary. For our international and domestic travel I will always involve a travel agent and I wouldn’t do any travel booking without you. The Best travel agent! PS. Supporting small business is what we all need to do. From the travel agent, airport transfers, local accommodation and businesses in the area. Go on. Book a week away. You know you want to!

03 August 2020 at 02:25 pm
Tom Shore

Michelle Young MTA is simply one of the best travel agents I have ever dealt with. I travel a lot for work, often to unusual and tricky destinations, and have dealt with a LOT of travel agents in my time. I put Michelle in the top 1% and would recommend her without hesitation. She helped us in a tricky situation during the Covid 19 crisis and was calm, reassuring and professional throughout - and most importantly found us a way home when others couldn't. My new travel agent hero!

29 May 2020 at 09:37 am
Nina Bacchus

Without Michelle Young @MTA Travel, I believe we would have been stranded from home due to the COVID 19 lockdown. Firstly she managed to find and hold flights back to the UK where we weren't able to get a hold of any (that were affordable). Then there was some confusion over travel restrictions at Melbourne airport with the wording of the rules being misinterpreted. Airport staff were under huge pressure as rulings were changing on an hourly basis. It was awful. My partner, Tom, being an Australian citizen was told he wouldn't be able to leave the country to come home to the UK where he lives (has a job at a UN agency, a mortgage and two young children). It was truly upsetting. We felt helpless. But Michelle reassured us and used her contacts to support us. We managed to get a last minute waiver and got home safely with mental health in tact! She treated us like family... nothing was too much. When many would have thrown their hands in the air and given up, Michelle stuck by us, despite this being the first contact we ever had. She deserves a medal. I can't recommend her enough.

12 May 2020 at 09:57 am
Melinda Ching Simon

Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland! The length of my review is commensurate with the length of the flight I just got off :) Full disclosure: Whilst I am proudly related to Michelle Young, through her marriage to my cousin, my review is objective and I stand fully by it. I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough. I am a seasoned traveler, having visited close to 60 countries, and had been confident in making online bookings for years. However in these difficult and uncertain times with COVID19, finding an intelligent, caring travel agent, who responds to you promptly, and (virtually) handholds you from door-to-destination, is a very rare and precious thing. Speaking from personal experience, I recently came unstuck with two flight bookings, I had made independently, to return me, to my home in Geneva. When COVID19-related travel bans came into force in Australia last week, I was not equipped with knowledge about the speed with which airline fleets would be grounded within days, and I was acutely unable to access any semblance of a human being with the e-travel agent I had used, nor with the respective airline carrier/s. I spent at least five hours on the phone, mainly on hold, with devastatingly unsatisfactory results. The best decision I made, was to abandon my existing booking and enlist the services of Michelle. In fact, it was Michelle (thank goodness we are related), who alerted me, that my (first) flight was cancelled, DAYS before the e-travel agent/airline notified me. Under the most stressful of circumstances, with constant moving targets, I observed Michelle’s stunning professional competence as she secured me a new flight. She did not do what the airline carriers offshore call centre consultants did, which was to assign me to the next available flight (computer says yes), regardless of the fact that it was doomed to be cancelled, meaning I would have to start the calling up process again (insert meltdown emoji). Instead Michelle harnessed all her knowledge and contacts in the industry (LOTS), and secured me a flight that had the best chances of getting me home. It was a race against time, new COVID19 guidelines were being issued by the hour, borders were closing and airline carriers were grounding their fleets to 99%. Her determination and speed was remarkable and my relief was palpable. I would have found myself stranded without her help. All the while, her responsiveness to my questions and concerns, both real and imagined, was exemplary. FOR THIS REASON ALONE, ONLY USE MICHELLE!! Having a smart, caring person available online, ready to answer all your (insert stupid or pathetic) questions regarding your travel itinerary is INVALUABLE, and her accuracy with her answers, and her promptness was frankly, startling. During my journey home, Michelle forewarned me of hurdles ahead, while shielding me from unnecessary worries. She skillfully navigated me with the confidence of someone who has worked in the travel industry for years. She shepherded me, door -to -door, over my 30+ hour journey under exceptionally stressful circumstances. I was practically home, by the time the (ir)responsible e-travel agent and the respective airline(s), notified me that the alternate flight I had been assigned, had also been cancelled (surprise surprise). Michelle is passionate about providing her customers with the best travel deals and solutions. As her customer, you will benefit from her excellent knowledge of the travel industry and her extensive network of trustworthy relationships right from the get-go. Her determination and ability to mobilize her contacts throughout the entire travel ecosystem, all serve to benefit you, and ensure your trip is as seamless as possible. This is why I would no longer dream of stepping afoot a plane (when that wonderful day returns), without seeking her advice. I long to gloriously surrender all my future travel requests to Michelle, having personally experienced her enduring professionalism and genuine care. I encourage everyone who loves to travel, to do yourself a favour and do the same!

14 April 2020 at 02:12 pm
May & Norman McMillan

Willingness to help in any way. Also Michelle's great knowledge of places to holiday. Pleasant smile and lovely character. Always there for you. Well done Michelle.

14 April 2020 at 02:11 pm
Rita Marrapodi

Michelle is not only a splendid person but a brilliant travel agent. Her professional manner and knowledge of travel are close to none. She goes above and beyond, offering a personalised service and giving the best advice. I couldn't think of anyone else to take care of my travels and recommend Michelle highly.

14 April 2020 at 02:11 pm
Parentals West

Thank you Michelle! Michelle has organised travel in the past for us and it all went splendidly well. This time we had arranged what appeared to be a flight and a cruise! Simple ....until because of Covid19, our 44 day cruise round South America was cancelled the day before embarkation! We were already in position in Fort Lauderdale! Despite her not handling the original cruise and flight booking, Michelle contacted us and offered her help if we needed it. She got us out within 24 hours and we are now just out of our 14 day home isolation. We learnt two things on this trip! Premium economy is definitely the go and worth every extra penny and we will never leave the country again without Michelle’s commitment and expertise. She made it all so easy and we are so very grateful.

14 April 2020 at 02:10 pm
Victoria Bickford-Johnson

Michelle is a brilliant travel agent! She offers all the benefits of an 'old school' agent (personalised service and thoughtful advice) with the added flexibility of being online. Michelle is always prompt in responding to enquiries and has found us some great deals. We wouldn't use anyone else.

09 November 2015 at 10:22 am
Simon Barber

My girlfriend and I were struggling to plan a short notice round-the-world holiday, and a friend recommended I contact Michelle. Within a couple of hours of my first email to her, she'd found us flights that saved us over $2000 on what I'd managed to find on my own. Absolutely amazing. Michelle then proceeded to offer further assistance and advice on other bookings for the trip, including in one case when her advice was "you'll get the best price if you book that directly rather than through me". Fast, efficient, honest. Highly recommended.

09 October 2015 at 01:21 am
Ash Milton

My husband and I were trying to plan our honeymoon to the Maldives. We were very lost and overwhelmed by the resorts and what were the best deal & options. Our friend recommended Michelle to help us get the ball rolling. Michelle was just so helpful and so quick to reply to our emails (we live in China - email was the only option). She made planning our honeymoon a cake walk & we will definitely be using Michelle again in the future for our next adventure. Our honeymoon went off without a hitch and it was an effortless 10 days thanks to Michelle. Memories we will remember forever...

20 July 2015 at 04:39 pm
Nicole Maron

Thanks, Michelle, for helping me book another great escape! I really appreciated your efficiency, professionalism and responsiveness to all my emails, help with flight options and accommodation for a stopover (which turned out to be in a fantastic location, at the right price). Thank you!

05 March 2015 at 10:51 am
Lucy Borland-Sentinella

Michelle was such a helpful and friendly travel agent. She was always available to help us with whatever we asked and was happy to do so. Couldn't recommend her more highly! Thanks Michelle :)

05 March 2015 at 10:51 am
Jo Carr

Just returned back from trip to Bali and stayed at the Laguna Resort Nusa Dua. Michelle organised flights, cars and accommodation. Everything went smoothly and we got to stay in Premier Lounge prior to departure home which was a nice final touch. The resort is incredible and the staff all exceptional and extremely customer focused. Resort beautiful and very pleasantly surprised as some negative comments on Tripadvisor about the rooms which are not at all justified . The resort is beautifully maintained and lots of different areas to go swimming without being swamped with other guests. Would highly recommend a stay here or anywhere Michelle suggests. Already planning for next trip. Thanks for all the help Michelle.

10 February 2015 at 06:45 pm
Maxine Perry

All your suggestions and meticulous attention to detail have ensured both our friends and ourselves have had wonderful holidays when booked through you. Your knowledge is astounding your help in arranging our holidays is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.

04 December 2014 at 05:49 pm
Chiara Marrapodi

Michelle is wonderful at giving suggestions of the best choices for me and my family. She has traveled the world so her wealth of knowledge is unrivaled. She is kind and generous in her approach and goes the extra mile to find the right deal for everyone who seeks her assistance. Thanks Michelle for all your hard work and suggestions! You made lifelong memories possible!

04 December 2014 at 05:48 pm
David Stringer

Michelle loves to travel, so is the ideal person to get you the best trip / suggestions because there aren't many places left Michelle hasn't been... When ever I travel I always use and recommend Michelle's services.

04 December 2014 at 05:47 pm
Tracey Pearce

Always the best rates & the best advice :-) Michelle takes the time to make sure all your questions are answered & because she has been just about everywhere she is full of tips & recommendations for your next destination.

04 December 2014 at 05:47 pm
Michele Cubillo

Cannot say enough about Michelle. Michelle planned our trip for 5 of us driving across the USA, training it through Canada and Ship Cruising through Alaska - almost three months!! Wow what a trip. NOTHING went wrong, everything was how it should have been and we're still talking about it. Already thinking about a White Winter Wonderland Christmas in Canada next with Michelle. Watch this space. Would recommend these guys to anyone. They are there 24/7 for you, anywhere in the world!!

04 December 2014 at 05:46 pm

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