7 Reasons to Travel Solo

Whether you find comfort in the wilds of nature, the chaos of a frenetic city, or simply in stepping onto new and unexplored ground, everyone needs a little alone time. In fact, setting out on your own can prove to be the most rewarding way to travel. Whether embarking on a journey to destinations you’ve always dreamt of visiting or following an uncharted course according to whim, there’s no end to the possibilities when you have only your own desires to attend to. Here are seven reasons why you should travel solo in 2016.

Go where you want, when you want

Travelling alone means the entire trip can be planned around where you (and only you) want to go, what you want to do, and when you want to do it. Choose destinations you’ve always wanted to visit on a date that best suits you, or simply decide on impulse with a spontaneous booking. There are no compromises when you travel solo.

Follow your interests

During your time away, countless opportunities will arise to be a part of adventurous activities and cultural excursions, whether that’s joining a culinary tour, going on a rock climbing expedition or setting out to discover a city’s art scene. Whatever you’re most interested in, you’ll be free to seize the opportunity there and then, without worrying about leaving anyone behind.

Meet new people

When travelling with friends and family, it’s all too easy to spend the entire trip socialising exclusively with them. But those who travel solo are immediately more open to forging friendships with people they meet along the way. Whether life-long connections are made or merely fleeting acquaintances, meeting people abroad opens up a wealth of new opportunities.

Learn the local language

As well as meeting fellow travellers, people who travel solo are also more likely to make connections with the locals. If the desire is there to learn the local language, this opens up infinite opportunities to improve your linguistic abilities, putting whatever prior classroom knowledge you have into practice.

Build confidence

Stepping out of our comfort zone is proven to greatly improve self-confidence. Experiencing far flung places and captivating cultures, while creating memories that will stay with you for many years to come, travelling alone can leave you feeling more independent, empowered and capable of achieving greatness in everyday life.

Gain a sense of achievement

The sense of achievement that comes from exploring an unfamiliar part of the world and experiencing the very best of what’s on offer all on your own, is something that many consider incomparable. And returning from your trip having had new experiences, made new friends and seen places you’d only dreamt of before, can give you a renewed passion for discovery.

Travel solo with Trafalgar

Trafalgar makes it easier to set out on solo journeys by organising group trips in which the solo supplement has been dramatically reduced or taken away completely. By joining like-minded travel companions, you know you’ll have the group to share your experience with, while still benefiting from setting out on your trip alone.

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