Wild Zimbabwe

Fly over waterfalls, walk the paths of rhinos, and experience untamed nature firsthand.

Fly Over Victoria Falls

When David Livingston first set eyes on Victoria Falls, he wrote that it was “a sight so wonderful that angels must have gazed down on it in flight.” Today, you enjoy that same perspective from the seat of your chartered helicopter. In the 1800s, the falls were described by the local tribe as the Smoke That Thunders. And as you fly past, first in one direction and then the other, you have a clear view of the mist cloud they spoke of, which is visible for 30 miles. If the night has a full moon, you’ll see a rare lunar rainbow — or moonbow — over the falls. It’s the perfect ending to an extraordinary day.

Rhino Walkabout

As you make your way on foot across the granite hills and thickly wooded valleys of Mapoto National Park, your guide suddenly motions you to silence. Not a dozen feet away is a female white rhino with her calf, the mother as tall as a man. More astonishing yet, the rhinos ignore your presence, giving you plenty of time to admire their prehistoric armor and incredible size. Both black and rare white rhinos make their home here among an amazing landscape of red-tinged kopjies and balancing rocks. And with no lions or elephants in the park, you are free to explore on foot with your guide.

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Thankyou for these wonderful photos Alan Mitchem.

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