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I offer you 40 years of travel experience, personal service and the benefits you will receive when I utilise my worldwide travel network. Whether your travel brief is corporate or leisure, I will advise and tailor each trip to create a lifetime of “wow” travel experiences.

Please read the following editorial taken from the The Classic Lifestyle Magazine - 2019 Edition:

Ally Kilpin embodies the drive and vision that compelled Roy and Karen Merricks to create Australia's first truly home-grown and home- based mobile travel agency in 2000.

Before she joined MTA, as one of the Merricks' earliest ‘recruits', Ally was already an extremely accomplished international travel consultant; accruing years of premium operational experience in both the United Kingdom and South Africa before returning home to Australia.

“The timing was perfect,” Ally says, “Roy and Karen were the ‘new kids on the block', having just launched their home-based travel consultancy business. Their vision for this new business model was incredibly bold, they were also extremely easy-going people and I immediately warmed to them. Roy and Karen gave very clear answers to every question I asked,” she says. “I loved their transparency, I liked their energy and of course I was very excited by the potential this new venture offered – so I went for it, it was the right fit!”

Ally increasingly appreciated the advantages of her working lifestyle. “Being based at home has the obvious benefit of not wasting time sitting in the daily traffic chaos that we unfortunately have no alternative but to accept Ally said. “Instead of getting frustrated and stressed on the way to work, I found myself heading off for an early morning surf, can it get any better than that? The flexibility to work at any time allowed me so many special moments with my son while he was a baby. Two years later I thankfully could also share similar special times with my daughter Riley.”

Rapid business growth over the years meant increased management responsibilities had begun to encroach on Ally's travel advising time. “I knew I had to resolve this, the solution was closer than I thought – my husband Nick, was working for an advertising agency at the time.” Having Nick manage the non-client elements of her business made a huge difference and allowed Ally to concentrate on what she is best at and enjoys most – travel advising.

With Nick's support, coupled with the 42-enthusiastic head office team Roy and Karen have assembled on the Gold Coast, Ally's business has blossomed. In addition to satisfying the demanding needs of the busy corporate traveller. She operates a boutique, highly personalised service to a very select and diverse clientele – from a world-famous author and professional athletes to business leaders and some of the country's top financiers. Ally even managed the worldwide travel requirements for the legendary Australian rock band INXS while on tour for several years.

Much more than just a planner, Ally creates unforgettable moments for her clients. By having the means and contacts available, gives Ally great satisfaction in creating unique and extraordinary trips for her clients.
“Succeeding in your own business is rewarding, to be able to enjoy so much quality time as a family and always being available for our two growing kids has been priceless. It has to be one of the greatest positives of our working lifestyle. Since I signed with MTA it has been a wonderful professional and personal adventure. I'm very proud to have reached their ‘Platinum' status. Of course, Nick and I couldn't have done this without Roy and Karen's amazing vision and the MTA team. They have given us the opportunity to work from home and have provided us with an incredible, continually evolving platform of reliable support enabling us to truly live our dream. I am so glad I made the decision to join MTA all those years ago.”

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First licensed in 1991, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents pioneered the work-from-home model nationally in Australia. With a network size providing unrivalled support, MTA Travel Experts are handpicked professionals, generally attaining more than 10 years industry experience with other major agency chains prior to joining the organisation. IATA, CLIA and Cruiseco accredited, MTA is proudly a foundation member of ATAS - a mark of industry quality. Appointed as Accredited Space Agent in 2006 by Sir Richard Branson, MTA is a member of AFTA, also Belmond and Virtuoso, both of which are exclusive 'by-invitation-only' global organisations comprising a handpicked number of travel agencies worldwide. MTA is an ethical business delivering on paid experience to leisure and business travellers.

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