Why You Should Book With A Travel Agent

In an age where we are flooded with information and have everything at our fingertips thanks to the internet, people often wonder, is there still a need for a travel agent? The answer is yes; now more than ever, travel agents can help you sift through the endless information that the internet can provide to create a holiday that is tailored to your needs and wants. At the end of the day, travel agents are experts in their field. They do after all, spend every day researching the best deals and finds out there.

Travel agents love what they do and love creating lasting memories for their clients. They take out the stress, the countless hours strolling through endless options and if some unforeseen circumstance arises on your trip, they have it covered for you. If you have ever questioned in the past whether you need to book with an agent, read below and you really won’t know why you ever spent so much time doing it on your own!

Personal Service

We are all seeking a holiday that creates lasting memories, engages our senses and is tailored to our distinct needs. MTA – Mobile Travel Agents are experts in their field, specialising in customer service to create your dream holiday. They offer friendly, personal and professional service at a time that suits you and can customize your travel itinerary for a hassle free trip. We work to our clients’ budgets as well as their interests and preferences resulting in a personal, one on one service that you wouldn’t receive on your own.

Local Knowledge

Most travel agents have experienced destinations themselves and seen most of the world first hand. This allows them to have the inside scoop on off the beaten track locations, hidden restaurants that only the locals know about and unconventional itineraries that are tailored to your unique requests. It’s these authentic tips that create memories to last a lifetime and give you the local knowledge that you otherwise wouldn’t find.


The biggest reason to book with a travel agent is value. Everyone is hoping to save dollars where they can on their trip, whether it’s through a discounted flight, cheaper room or food and beverage credits. Where you save, you can spend on another experience. Not only this, they have already established relationships with suppliers and wholesalers who get the latest deals and often have access to a range of discounts that aren’t even publicised to the public. Items you could save on include upgrades, airfare and cruise packages or staying more nights for less. So just remember your local travel agent is going to have access to exclusive deals that you otherwise would have missed out on!

Constant Support

Picture this: you have spent months researching and finding the best travels deals and places to stay and have finally booked your ideal holiday, only to get there and realise something has gone horridly wrong that you didn’t foresee. This could be a last minute change or cancellation of a flight, a natural disaster, a double booked room, missing luggage or an insurance issue. From minor errors to major disasters, you could find yourself stuck in a tricky situation. What do you do from here? If you booked by yourself, you are really all alone, however if you have booked with a trusted travel agent, they can jump in and turn this scary situation into nothing more than a small hiccup along the way. They have access to change flights last minute, upgrade hotel rooms or deal with your insurance company all from their home. Also, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents are backed up by Head Office team members who have 24/7 support. So don’t find yourself stranded in situations like this without an agent, this could turn what would have been a dream holiday literally into a nightmare.

VIP Treatment

Who doesn’t love the sound of receiving VIP treatment on your next trip? It is all in the details that count -  whether it’s an early check in or late check out, room upgrade with views, free daily breakfast, champagne on arrival or restaurant credit, there’s no denying we all love to feel that extra bit special when we’re away. All of our members have this leverage to offer you and can also gain privileged access to a range of Virtuoso preferred hotel rates and VIP access to unique places and special events. Chances are, the next time you book with an agent you will get the special perks resulting in more bang for your buck and a more memorable experience that you never knew existed.


There are times when you look on a website for a hotel room or a flight and come up against ‘no availability.’ A little secret: when you see these words, they might not actually be true. The reason is that some airlines and hotels reserve a number of rooms for travel companies to sell. So if you have left it to the last minute to book or you didn’t realise a special holiday was on in that area, don’t stress out that you will have to change your plans, get in contact with a travel agent and they will no doubt have access to these.

Next time you contemplate whether or not to book your travel through a travel agent, don’t consider yourself old fashioned for going the traditional way, simply remember that you are using the best knowledge and expertise you can. You will get 24/7 support, someone that works around your schedule and a tailor made holiday that is suitable for your wants and needs. So ditch your current mind frame, even if you’re not planning a detailed or complicated trip and remember it’s worth considering professional service to get the best value for you.

Don’t travel like a tourist, travel like a local and you will find you get an authentic holiday that brings great reward and satisfaction.

Let me help you make it happen.


By Marija Banic

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