I am both proud and a little embarrassed to admit that I have travelled to Croatia fifteen times. I love the country, the people, the food, the beaches and especially the weather but best of all I like the affordability when I travel there, as they are still on the national currency, the Kuna, which is great for the Australian traveller. I feel rich when I am there.

When I travel I stay in Zadar but always travel to other areas i.e., Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik or the islands of Hvar, Brac and Korcula to name a few. I aim to visit a new area each time I travel.

During the day I am a tourist, educating myself at museums and local sites, sampling produce at local markets while buying knick-knacks for family and friends back home, but my best tourist moment is when I am taking photos of the amazing places I am visiting (thank god for digital) so I can relive my travels for many years to come.  

At night time I dine at restaurants feasting on local cuisine and tasting local wines. If I am too relaxed from the day I just wander around the area exploring their narrow streets but if I am feeling energetic I head to a bar/club and mix it up with the locals and tourists for the night.  

Because of my frequency and love for Croatia, in 2010 I purchased a property and furnished it to allow tourists, and myself, a great area to stay during my travel and if things go according to plan I’ll be there again.

Either way, Croatia is a country I love and one, when you explore it, will too. It’s a must see, especially during the summer when they have festivals at each town where you can listen to music, buy local food and just enjoy and be merry, the Adriatic way.

By Marija Banic

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