Abu Dhabi

During my last stay in Abu Dhabi I stayed at – Al Raha Beach Hotel.

I was amazed with what Abu Dhabi had to offer. Its infrastructure alone made Abu Dhabi an enchanting destination for me to visit.

My best experience in Abu Dhabi was the 4WD tour on the sand dunes.  It started with an exciting ride up and down some of the desert’s biggest dunes, where at many stages I thought we would tip, but luckily we didn’t. Once my heart started beating normal again we drove a short distance to a permanent desert camp where I was treated to a sumptuous barbecue, followed by shisha (the pipe), a camel ride, amazing and breathtaking falconry displays and henna painting.  Just sitting back watching the sun go down was truly spectacular.

I made a point of visiting the awe-inspiring Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the world’s largest, and was impressed, to say the least, with its beauty. It was so white and stunning. Definitely worth a visit.

The majestic Emirates Palace was next on my list as it is one of the world’s most opulent hotels which sits on 1.3 kilometers of pristine beach and from the moment I walked in I felt like royalty.

Shopping in Abu Dhabi, whether in modern malls or small souks, offered me everything from perfumes, handicrafts, spices, carpets and of course gold. I could have spent thousands of dollars but held back on this occasion. My husband would not have been happy if I came home with carpets, or without any money left in the bank account.

If you have some time to get away or have a stopover via Abu Dhabi make sure you hit the dunes, cruise along the Gulf Coast, shop for gold or if you really want to take it easy just laze on the beach. Either way you will love Abu Dhabi.

By Marija Banic

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