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Wendy's clients sharing their experiences
Leesa Khan

A massive thankyou to you Wendy for planning our recent trip to the UK, Wales, Paris and Singapore, the planning recommendations and care you put into our trip was done to perfection . It was our first time travelling to so many places with our one year old and two teenagers. We absolutely loved our premium economy on the plane, the hotels , especially the last one in Singapore it was amazing, the planned day trips, hotel transfers and all the travel tips. Wendy made our travelling experience so much more , we appreciate everything you did for us and look forward to seeing you again to plan our next trip!!

05 February 2016 at 01:45 am
Dominic Da Cruz

So beautiful, words cannot describe. The island, the resort architecture, the over the water villa, the beach villa, the resort reef, the weather, the staff, the bare feet custom, the food, the free ice cream. They all exceeded expectations. I'm not one to revisit holiday locations (there is so much to see in this world) but I'm sure I'll return here.

16 April 2015 at 10:40 pm
Tina Squires

Thank you Wendy for organizing once again an AMAZING trip for us. SO ENJOYABLE..The extra details and added attractions you organized for us, 'like our joy flight through Bar Harbour', we thank you. All those things that made our monthly trip so much more fun and exciting. We really appreciate. We ( as you know) for the first time were travelling to New York and spending time in this busy and most exciting city on our own. We thought it was going to be quite daunting, being such a big city to get around. Your planning and organization on our daily schedule helped us tremendously. We were able to see and do so much for the time we were there.. For your understanding on what we liked and would enjoy and then organizing it into a wonderful package for us, was more than we could ask for. Made our stay so enjoyable and one we will always remember with such fond memories. Other travellers we had met in NY and chattered amongst, were very impressed on how organized our travels were. Having it done this way made everything run so smoothly and no waiting in line. So that meant more to see. From Broadway show/ dinners to horse carriage rides in central park, to art galleries and High Tea's and all the main attractions were all sorted, booked and ready for us to enjoy with ease. Thank you and we look forward to booking our next travels through you. Cheers Tina and Ross Squires

17 October 2014 at 06:36 pm
Mandi Lee

Wendy helped us with a two week trip to Singapore and Phuket. Wendy listened to what kind of holiday we were looking for and then put it into place for us. She is very organised and helps you to stay organised with all of the paperwork. Her recommendations for hotels were perfect for us, and the excursions were fantastic! We have beautiful photos and memories because of the framework Wendy gave us for the trip. Thanks Wendy! Looking forward to planning another holiday with you soon!

13 October 2014 at 12:52 pm

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