MTA Travel App

MTA Companion – Features & Benefits 

The App (available on any mobile device)

Benefits to you

It’s a free app when booking travel through me and is accessible anytime, anywhere

Consolidates every detail into one dynamic paperless interface that you can take with you wherever you go. From air to theatre tickets, hotel to dining reservations

Provides you with your own unique code to access the app which can be used for all future bookings  

Allows you to view the latest version of your itinerary on any computer or mobile device and travel details are displayed on a shared screen as plans come together in real time, allowing you to help fill in the gaps in their schedules with their own ideas.

Allows you to add your own agenda items to the itinerary (such as dinner engagements, spa bookings etc.)

Allows access to destination information / guides / maps etc. at their fingertips in real

time – information which is normally stored at the bottom of your bags

Built in reminders – 

These include:

o 24 hour flight reminder

o 3 hour check in reminder

o Notification if there is a delay / cancellation / date change

Connecting flight information is provided e.g. Flight # is leaving on time from terminal XX, gate XX – you have XX minutes to make the connection

Allows you access to archived itineraries for future travel inspiration or if you ever want to share details with friends – all MTA branded.

By Stephen Crouch

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