Client Management Systems

MTA's cutting edge technology gives your MTA Corporate Travel Expert 24/7 access to their Computer Reservation System anywhere, anytime. This means significant benefits and savings on:

  • 360 airlines, 50 low cost airlines and over 4 billion fares
  • Over a million hotels worldwide
  • More than 25 car rental companies in over 30,000 locations worldwide

Our Client Management Systems are designed to cater for all your corporate needs. This controls your company profile plus all traveller profiles, which means their personal information and preferences will never be forgotten as it integrates with our Computer Reservation System.

This system also assists us to manage your corporate account and has a strong focus on your company travel policy, corporate reporting and travel expenditure.

Corporate Reporting

MTA can provide effective and comprehensive corporate reporting depending on your company needs to assist with your travel expenditure: 

  • Client Departure and Return Report
  • Client Spend Report
  • Corporate Report
  • Corporate Savings Report
  • Credit Card Report
  • Hotel Analysis Report
  • Passenger Location Report
  • Segment on Hold Report
  • Plus many more

These reports can be provided to you on a monthly basis or on request as required.   

Traveller Tracking

MTA will assist you in keeping a track of your travellers. Our Passenger Location Report can be used for several different purposes, such as:

  • To warn clients who are en-route that there is political unrest at their current or future destinations
  • To determine which travellers will be in a particular destination on a particular date or date range

This is an essential report for risk management. MTA can run this report at the hint of any trouble worldwide to locate your travellers and determine their safety and wellbeing.

Corporate Booking Tool

Our corporate online booking solution removes the complexities from making travel arrangements, allowing your employees to concentrate on what matters most - your business.

In one easy-to-use website, your staff can easily plan, book and purchase complete travel itineraries within your company policy. All elements can be integrated into one easy-to-use website including preferred suppliers and negotiated rates.

Ongoing training and support will be provided by your MTA Corporate Travel Expert

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